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BCPS Appreciates:

Arthur Rumph and Active Seniors Awareness Program (ASAP)

Mr. Arthur Rumph, a dedicated community member, supports Barbour County Schools. Although he is retired, he works hard to promote the vision of our schools. The impact Mr. Rumph has on this community is phenomenal. With the help of ASAP and Mr. Rumph, all BCPS students received gifts during our Christmas Program. Gloves and other treats had the students smiling from ear to ear. We are happy to have Mr. Arthur Rumph and ASAP as community leaders.


The Baxter Family 

Mr. and Mrs. Baxter, dedicated community members, support Barbour County Primary School. Mrs. Baxter offered numerous decorative scenes to our school. Her displays were priceless and remarkable. Mr. Baxter joined in the community service for our students. He did a presentation for our 1st graders during their reading unit on Community Helpers. The students had an opportunity to learn about mechanics and towing. The Baxter’s are visible community leaders. We are happy to have them as our helpers...